East Austin Jiujitsu Parlor

East Austin Jiu Jitsu Parlor is the best place for you to start Brazilian jiujitsu.We brought the best amenities together to create a relaxed environment so you can train hard, stay healthy, and have fun.

  • Full Strength & Conditioning Gym

  • Modern Black Belt Instruction

  • 3000+ Square Feet of Mats

  • Physical Therapy

  • Laundry Service

  • Steam Room

Learn self defense, improve your fitness, and get better at jiu jitsu with the most fun community conveniently located in East Austin.

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Meet The Whole Team

Vince Barbosa - Head Jiujitsu Coach
Black Belt Under Max McGarr

A Renzo Gracie black belt under Max McGarr. Before coaching Brazilian jiujitsu I served in the Joint special ops community as Pararescue. I get fulfillment from improving others. I enjoy seeing people’s quality of life improve and feel deeply privileged to curate and instruct effective and modern Jiujitsu in Austin Texas.

Dave Haas - Facilities Manager
Brown Belt Under Craig Jones

A co-worker invited me to an MMA/striking class and that’s how I first got into the sport. Then I found jiujitsu and I’ve been doing it ever since. We're building a place where hobbyists to experts are welcome, but where no one feels obligated to be overzealous.

Zane Holtz - Partnerships Manager
Black Belt Under Derrick Garza

In 2003 I met my original professor Marcelo Cavalcanti at a boxing gym in Hermosa Beach. I got hooked on jiujitsu and have been training since.
Acting and grappling are my two main passions and pursuits in life. When I was promoted to black belt I felt a sense of responsibility to help a new generation of practitioners with their training goals.

Sean Mceachern, PT, DPT - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Purple Belt Under Jose Portillo

I was a martial arts instructor during my time in the Marines. I got involved in jiujitsu when I worked at the MMA gym where we all met, East Side Austin Elite.
Today I have transitioned into a career as a physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist. The gym is my favorite place, and I aspire to create an exceptional one.

William Watts - General Manager
Black Belt Under Jose Portillo

I am a firm believer in the positive impact sport and community can have on your health and overall quality of life. Brazilian jiujitsu is uniquely valuable in that it improves quality of life while teaching you very real self defense skills in a supportive community. I want to open a gym to offer a supportive environment so more people have access to these benefits.