Physical Therapy

Dr. Sean McEachern |  PT, DPT, CF-L3

Sean is a Physical Therapist who specializes in sports rehabilitation. He comes from a unique background of athletics and strength training that allows him to bridge the gap between injury rehabilitation and sports performance. Sean has had the opportunity to work with professional athletes in the UFC, MLB, USTA, USAW, Crossfit, IBJJF and NFL. 
Through his extensive schooling and mentoring he has learned to not just treat the injury but find the source in order to truly resolve the dysfunction. He uses a global movement screen to asses dysfunction and manual therapy, such as dry needling, cupping, trigger point therapy, and joint manipulation, along with corrective exercise and strength training principles to return athletes to high level sports.

Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Baylor University
Bachelors in Sport Science, Texas State University


Initial Evaluation
Movement Dysfunction Diagnosis
Progressive Loading
Injury Prevention
Trigger Point Therapy
Dry Needling

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