About East Austin Jiujitsu Parlor

East Austin Jiujitsu Parlor is the best place for you to start Brazilian jiujitsu. We brought the best amenities together to create a relaxed environment so you can train hard, stay healthy, and have fun. We offer:

Modern Black Belt Instruction

Our coaches have experience competing and teaching in gi and no gi. We have taught all levels in group instruction and private lessons. Whether you're just starting out or you're looking for a new gym to cross train at, we make training jiujitsu fun, accessible, and informative.
Jiujitsu instruction is included in our unlimited membership.

What Class Types Do You Have?

No Gi Grappling
We offer in-depth no gi grappling classes for students with previous grappling experience.

Gi Grappling
We offer gi grappling classes for students at all belt levels. Must bring your own belt and gi.

Jiujitsu Fundamentals
Learn the fundamental movements, techniques, and tactics of jiujitsu.

Full Strength & Conditioning Gym

Our gym has the perfect equipment and programming to help you get faster, stronger, leaner, and healthier overall. We use squat racks, barbells, kettlebells, reverse hypers, dumbbells, assault bikes, rowers, and more.
Our staff leads daily strength & conditioning classes and all members can use our equipment to train on their own outside of class time for open gym.
Small group classes and programming are included in our Unlimited and Strength & Conditioning Memberships.
Members must sign-in and book classes ahead of time to attend classes.

Physical Therapy & Private Training

Our head strength & conditioning coach, Sean, is a former Crossfit coach, Olympic lifter, and licensed Physical Therapist. We can help you recover from and reduce your risk of injuries through one-on-one training sessions, and personalized programming.
Interested in physical therapy, personal training, and building a custom fitness plan? Email us or talk to our team on site to schedule your assessment.

Open Gym Amenities 

All members can use our weights, mats, steam room, and other amenities outside of class times. Feel free to organize your own lifting and training sessions.
Open gym is included in our Unlimited, Strength & Conditioning, and Open Gym Memberships.